G.E.K. - mahatma LP/download 2019

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After more than a decade G.E.K. is still deeply rooted in free improvisation and extended techniques. For many years their live performances were renown for their explosive blowouts and massive wall of sound, but from the live shows to their new and first true full-length LP “Mahatma” the sound imagery have multiplied, as has the inspiration. By means of experiments with acoustic space, compression and temporality as well as both acoustic instruments and synthesizers, Maria Bertel and Johannes Lund have set out on a voyage to other worlds of music that travels across both European free jazz, transcontinental improvised music, minimalism and chanting.

The title “Mahatma” is a reference to the Mahatma Letter and the Russian mystic Madame Blavatsky, whose somewhat dubious legacy nonetheless suggested a connection between philosophy, research and spirituality with side stories of deceit, supernatural elements and a degree of megalomania. The Mahatma Letters supposedly carried messages from the ethereal grand masters and introduced the esoteric and occult from the East in the Western world.

The album is recorded by Maria Bertel and Johannes Lund in their home in Torup and at Mayhem and then processed and mastered by Andreas Pallisgaard.

composed by G.E.K.

performed by
maria bertel: yamaha cs5 & trombone
johannes lund: dark energy II, violin, piano bass, bass drum, baritone saxophone, bells & gongs

recorded in mayhem & torup 2018
mix & master by andreas pallisgaard
text by t.r. kirstein
layout by mads

aether productions 2019